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Key points:
  • Profiles with Profile Photos and Photo Albums are viewed at least 30 times more often than those without? Remember that old cliché ~ a picture tells a thousand stories?
  • Profiles that are at least 60% complete are more likely to be of interest to other members. Your profile is there for you to tell people about yourself and for them to find out as much as possible about you before making contact. This prevents a lot of time wasting for both parties.
How to View Your Profile
To view your profile as it is seen by the public, click on My Profile, My profile. To view your photo as the public see it, click on My Profile, My profile and then click on your photo.

How to Edit Your Profile
To edit your profile, click on My Profile, Edit profile.

How to Change Your Profile Privacy Settings
Click on Settings, Privacy...

How to Change Your Password
Click on Settings, My Account...

Profile Guidelines:
  • In the same way that Google searches websites for information, spammers can search websites for email addresses. That is why you should never put you email address or telephone number in your profile. The Desperate Sailors Private Messaging system is secure and you should use that to communicate with other members.
  • A profile lacking in basic information will make you look like you couldn't be bothered and are probably not serious about finding what you are looking for. It really is not difficult to get your profile to 60% complete.
  • Be honest. On a long passage, when it is difficult to jump ship or get rid of crew, there is nothing worse than finding out that someone has been liberal with the descriptions in their profile.
  • Avoid putting in information that changes with time eg "I am a 24 year old..." will look silly in a year's time. "I crossed the pond last year..." will look dated in a year's time. Rather say "I crossed the pond in 2012..."
How to Add or Change Your Profile Photo
Click on My Profile, Change photo. Once the photo has uploaded, you can adjust the "thumbnail by clicking on Edit Thumbnail. Simply move the "greyed" area too your liking. To view your photo as the public see it, click on Profile, My profile and then click on your photo.

Your profile photo can be a maximum size of 640 x 480px. If you don't have the software to reduce the size of your photos, please feel free to email them to us and we will do it for you. You can find our email address on our Contact Us page.

Regular Profile Maintenance.
Once you have taken a few minutes to complete your profile, there should be very little work involved in keeping it up-to-date. The most common change would be your location and qualifications. It is a good idea to update your location on your profile because it can be seen in the profile summary in search results.

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