Desperate Sailors Hates Scams and Scammers.

Scams and Scammers

There are some nasty people out there and all they want to do, is empty your bank account of your hard-earned moola or beer tokens. Phishing, spoofing, and identity theft scammers use e-mail messages, phone calls, and other ways to trick people into revealing their passwords, credit-card and Social Security numbers and other personal information they can use to steal identities, open credit lines, and the like.

Common Scams Found On Crew Finder Type Websites:
  • Fee Up Front Jobs:  This scams promise an exciting and exceptionally well paid job. What typically happens is that the scammer sends you a message asking you to submit your CV. A few days later, you will receive a reply along the lines of "your application has been approved. Please submit $1.000-00 in order for us to process your visa, work permit and flights". These fraudsters often claim to be "Head of employment" (or something similar) for well known companies, yet they still use a hotmail, gmail or yahoo email address. Once you pay the fee, you will not hear from them again. Before you pay any money, do an on-line search for the organisation and make contact via their contact page, enquiring about the position and the person who claims to be "Head of employment".

    NOTE:If the initial contact has been made via Desperate Sailors, please let us know and we will check things out for you. This helps us uncover and then ban fraudulent members.

  • True Love: Pay For My Flight:  If you receive and email that goes something like this:
    "How are you and your health
    Hope all is well, I saw your profile when i was seeking for honest partner then I decide to drop a word for you, I really want to have a good relationship with you, if you wouldn't mind you can reach me through my email ( I will be very glad to read your mail, please do honor my invitation enable me introduce my self to you. I wait patiently to read from you soon, have a nice time.
    From Miss Gloria"
    All Miss Gloria wants is for you to send her the money to buy an airline ticket so that she can fly out to join you. Don't send any money, you will never see her.

Swindlers Tactics
  • They strive to look as professional as possible, even warning people of 'bogus scams' to make themselves look more genuine.
  • They create a sense of urgency to make victims respond immediately so as not to lose out, and this prevents them from reading through the information carefully.
  • They create an air of secrecy to supposedly protect the 'win', but actually to protect themselves and make 'winners' less likely to tell friends and family who might convince them it is fraudulent. 
  • They make the victim feel that they have been personally approached or targeted so they believe they are special.
  • They ask for a relatively small processing fee compared with the final salary, making these costs appear very reasonable.

Some Simple Rules.