Find What You Need On Desperate Sailors

Using Search
A photo tells a thousand stories.

How To Do a Search
For each search type, there is either a simple or advanced search. From the top menu, click on Search. Once the search page has loaded, click on either the simple or advanced tab, then change the drop-down selection to one of the four types of search:
  • To find a boat, you can do either a simple or advanced search for Boat / Owner.
  • To find crew, you can do either a simple or advanced search for Crew.
Some Search Tips.
  • To find a someone by boat name, do a simple Boat / Owner search and type all or the first part the boat name into the appropriate space.
  • On the simple and advanced searches, you can narrow your search down by specifying the region and location. Simply use the drop-down menus.
How to Save a Search
Once your search has loaded, click on the "Save It" tab and give your search an appropriate name.

How Used a Saved Search
Click on Search, click on Saved Searches, select that saved search that you need, then either click on the name of the search or click on Run Search.

Do a Search NOW