Desperate Sailors Teams

  • Looking to join a boat? Wouldn't you like to know who else is aboard first?
  • Looking for work on a boat as a couple or as a team? By creating a Team on your profile, prospective boat owners or employers will then be able to see the full package.
The Team module on Desperate Sailors does all that for you. 

How To Add A Team Member
Click on the profile of the person that should be in your team and then click on "Add to my team". They will be sent an automated email notification. Once they have accepted, they will show in the "Team" tab on both yours and their profiles.

How To View A Team
Click on the profile of the member whose team you would like to see. Then click on the "Team" tab in their profile. You can then click on View Profile of each member of the Team.

How To Delete Someone From Your Team
Click on My Stuff, My Teams. To the right of the team member that is no longer part of your team, click "remove". This will remove them from both yours and their profile Team details.

Someone Who Is In My Team Doesn't Have A Desperate Sailors Profile.
They will have to create one. Simple as that.