best grease for boat trailer bearings

Best Grease for Boat Trailer Bearings

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Today we’ll explore the best grease for boat trailer bearings. This will help you narrow down the products to choose from in a market with overwhelming variety.

There is also a buyer’s guide and FAQ section to help you know more in case you want to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Let’s dive in.

Finding the Best Boat Trailer Grease

Servicing your boat trailer’s wheel bearings isn’t exactly the sexiest thing you think about doing when it comes to boating. And yet it is a very necessary prerequisite to having a great boating experience.

Without proper greasing, the wheel bearings on your boat trailer’s wheels will get stressed and experience wear and tear, leading to terrible performance and the wheels even potentially rolling off the trailer.

In a Hurry?

  1. Sta-Lube Marine Grease – Great waterproof qualities.
  2. Star Brite Wheel Bearing Grease – Great for saltwater environments.
  3. Timken GR224C – Lithium based grease with great temperature and load tolerance.
  4. Triax Atlas 600 – Synthetic heavy duty grease with high tolerance for harsh environments.
  5. WD-40 – Great marine grease that can withstand harsh marine conditions.
  6. Lucas Oil 10682 – Excellent versatile grease with a decent price.

So now let’s focus on the reviews of individual products we recommend and then we will move on to the detailed buying guide.

Best Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease – Our Top 6 Recommendations

Marine Grease for Trailer Bearings Reviews

Sta-Lube Marine Grease for Boat Trailer Wheel...

1. Sta-Lube Marine Grease for Boat Trailer Wheel Bearings

Great waterproof qualities.

This is an excellent waterproof grease that solves many of the greasing needs you might have for a marine environment. It’s not limited to a single application and can be used to grease all sorts of things, ranging from marine equipment to vessel trailers, to four-wheel-drive vehicles.

That makes it incredible value for money since you can use it for a variety of purposes.

The water proof quality is also very high, as it is manufactured with a hydrophobic polymer. The content is also oil-based, which makes it highly tacky. Note, however, that it isn’t meant for use on disk brakes, as it is highly prone to melting and leaking.

This can cause a potentially dangerous mess for the brakes on your boat trailer brakes. It can also be an issue if your trailer handles very heavy loads on average and moves fast, as this increases friction and temperatures.

That said, it’s one of the best marine greases you can find out there, offering incredible value for money.

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STAR BRITE Wheel Bearing Grease - Boat...

2. Star Brite Wheel Bearing Grease

Great for saltwater environments.

What I like most about this marine wheel bearing grease is how well it does in especially salty water environments.

It also has a lube gun cartridge, which is a huge convenience for the actual application of the grease. If you’re almost always operating in a marine environment, with all of the corrosive elements involved, then this is an excellent choice to consider. 

Also, unlike the Sta-Lube grease above, this one has very high temperature tolerance. It can handle temperatures as high as 325 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it an excellent choice for boat trailers that have to handle great weights and high speeds. It also effectively combats instant wear and wash out.

That said, it is pricier than the Sta-Lube above, so you’ll have to take that into consideration. Also, if you don’t like to use lube guns, then you might want to forgo this particular design.

Overall, I think it’s a great deal, especially if you’re concerned about the possibility of rust and corrosion on your wheel bearings. It provides an excellent shield against marine environments, including water, wind, and other harsh elements of the weather. 

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Timken GR224C Wheel Bearing Grease (14oz...

3. Timken GR224C Wheel Bearing Grease

Lithium-based grease with great temperature and load tolerance.

This is a lithium-based grease, which has been specially manufactured for application on both discs and drums. For consumers who are looking for the best wear resistance and corrosion prevention, this is a great candidate.

My favourite thing about this grease, however, is how high its tolerance to heat is. It is also superior to many others on the market when it comes to water resistance. If you’re looking for a boat trailer wheel bearing grease that can handle especially demanding scenarios, this one fits the mold perfectly.

The mechanical stability is also very high, and it combats softening. It can also be used in many applications far beyond beat trailer wheel bearings, making it a true general purpose wheel bearing. 

The only downside to his boat trailer wheel bearing grease is how expensive it is. If you have an especially tight budget, you might want to seriously consider getting something a little cheaper.

It might also have issues dealing with saltwater conditions, so take that into consideration as well. Note also that it comes with a lube gun, which can be a pro or a con, depending on your specific needs.

All that said, it’s certainly something to consider if you’re looking for something that can handle high temperatures and a wide variety of uses.

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TRIAX Atlas 600 Grease - Full Synthetic,...

4. Triax Atlas 600 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Ultra High Performance Grease

Synthetic heavy duty grease with a high tolerance for harsh environments.

This is a one of a kind synthetic mineral grease that can deal with demanding environments. It’s overall a boon to the lives of boat trailer owners. The performance is one of the best on the market. It’s especially versatile enough to keep its performance great, whether you’re in the cold season or the hot season.

That means it will operate just as well at temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit as it will at temperatures as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Speaking of versatility, it’s also versatile enough for application to a variety of areas, including 5th wheels, u-joints, high temperature wheel bearings, disk brake wheel bearings, severe service high loads, and continuous water contact. 

The major downside of this lube, as for some of the others on this list, is the price. Considering the top notch qualities it comes with, it certainly doesn’t come cheap, so it might not be ideal if you have a tight budget.

All that said, assuming you don’t mind the price, it’s definitely a worthy investment. It won’t separate, shear, or liquefy. It can handle temperature extremes as well as high loads and harsh marine environments.

It will protect your wheel bearings from virtually all the elements and has mechanical stability and adhesion like no other.

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WD-40 - 300417 Specialist Marine-Grade...

5. WD-40 Specialist Marine Grade Water Resistant Grease

Great marine grease that can withstand harsh marine conditions.

This great lubricant is especially designed for marine applications, offering optimal lubrication, even in the harshest of environments. It’s also highly resistant to high temperature, with a threshold of 620 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also handle especially low temperatures without compromising on performance.

The wash out performance is dependable, allowing the lube to remain in place and not to disintegrate in high load situations. If you commonly have trouble lubricating machinery in extremely wet conditions, then this is a great lube to have.

There are two main downsides with this lube. First, it has a very strong odor that some may find unbearable. It’s probably best to wear a mask when applying. Second, it has a tendency to leave tough-to-remove stains on concrete.

Apart from its shortcomings, this is a great marine grease overall. You can use it for a variety of applications, including to grease your boat trailer wheel bearings. 

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WD-40® Specialist® Marine Grade Water Resistant Grease

Lucas Oil 10682 Marine Grease 3 Ounce Combo...

6. Lucas Oil 10682 Marine Grease

Excellent versatile grease with a decent price.

This Lucas Oil marine grease is an excellent one for wheel bearings. It’s especially built to work very well in saltwater conditions and comes at a decent price. My only quibble is that the tubes don’t have as much lube as one might expect.

I opened one and they had the air to product ratio of a bag of potato chips. The cartridge also has trouble fitting a regular tiny lube gun, which makes it supremely difficult to work with.

Apart from those issues, this is a great lube. It can handle extremely tough conditions and is versatile enough to be used in many different applications, ranging from wheel bearings to the chassis. It’s also very sticky so it can hold up well, no matter where you apply it.

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Lucas Oil Marine Grease

What Kind of Grease for Boat Trailer Bearings? Buyer’s Guide

What is Grease?

While there might be some mystery surrounding grease, it’s really nothing more than high viscosity motor oil that has been imbued with a thickening agent. That thickening agent could even be soap. The thickening agent is what gives the grease its ability to stick to the metal you apply it to as lubrication. 

best boat trailer grease

Grease comes in all sorts of viscosities, ranging from 0 to 6. 0 is almost liquid, while 6 is as hard as the firmest cheese you can think of. The sweet spot for most greases is 2, which feels like well-refined peanut butter.

Grease also carries a letter rating. G means it’s okay to use it in automotive wheel bearings. L means you can use it on the chassis of an automotive.

This typically includes spindles, steering knuckles, universal joints, and tie rods, among others. A, B, and C ratings generally follow a ‘good’, ‘better’, ‘best’ pattern, with A being good and C being best. Grease labeled GC, for example, is certified for use in wheel bearings in automotive and is also labeled ‘best’ for that purpose. 

It’s also possible for grease to carry both G and L ratings, which would mean it’s okay to use it in both automotive bearings and chassis applications. If the grease is labeled, say, GC-LC, it means it is ‘best’ for use in both automotive wheel bearings and chassis applications. Such grease meets all the stringent OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirements for most manufacturers.

NLGI GradeWorked Penetration Depth Range (mm/10)
NLGI classification for greases

What About Compatibility?

Of course, even with different greases being rated highly for specific applications, that doesn’t mean that they are all compatible with each other. Even if they’ve been designed for the same usage, it doesn’t mean you can use one after the other.

Whenever you’re replenishing your old grease, make sure to select one with either the same thickening agent or one that’s at least compatible with the one you’re trying to replace. 

If you have no idea what kind of grease you’re trying to replace, then try to completely clean it out so no traces of it are left before you apply the old grease. If it’s especially hard to get all of the old grease out, then apply enough of the new grease that the old one is naturally pushed out. 

You can also consider finding information about the type of thickener used in your grease, both old and new, by checking the packaging or label. The thickener may go by many names, such as thickener, base, or even soap.

What, Specifically, is Boat Trailer Bearing Grease?

Boat trailer bearing grease is grease that has been especially designed to withstand the hot and cold cycles the bearings on a boat trailer have to go through. It is also designed to withstand water, including saltwater, and shield the boat trailer bearings from it, while not losing their lubricating ability.

Boat trailer bearing grease is quite important to have, as it ensures your boat trailer is in its best condition, helping to prolong its lifespan. It does this by protecting the wheel bearings and lubricating them to prevent temperature, pressure, and water from impeding their proper operation. It can also be used on other parts, such as winches, as well.

best boat trailer wheel bearing grease
Boat trailer

What Types of Grease Exist for Boat Trailer Bearings?

Grease for boat trailer bearings comes in many varieties. It’s a good idea to know which ones are there so you can figure out which one is best for your needs. You can then make a more informed decision on which one to go for when out shopping for grease.

  • Multipurpose Grease – This type of grease has most of the properties of the other types of grease. It can therefore be used in many different settings, automotive and even household.
  • Calcium-based/Sodium-based Grease – This type of grease is very strong when it comes to its waterproof qualities. That said, it has a fairly narrow operating temperature range. You might prefer to go for a sodium-based grease instead, which has a very high operating temperature range. The downside of that is that a sodium-based grease has low waterproof qualities. To be entirely honest, calcium and sodium based greases aren’t best placed for use with boat trailer wheel bearings.
  • Disc and Drum Wheel Bearing Grease – This type of grease is perfect if your wheels go very fast. It has high tolerance for especially hot temperatures that come about as a result of slamming hard on the brakes. You can use it whether you use disc brakes or drum brakes, and it can also be used for a variety of other lubrication applications.
  • Lithium-based Grease – This type of grease is excellent for use with wheel bearings as it has resistance to both high temperatures and large amounts of moisture.
  • White Lithium Grease – This type of grease is picked a lot due to its multipurpose abilities. It can be used wherever metal comes into contact with metal, and has a high ability to protect metal parts from corrosion as it shields well against moisture. That said, it is far better suited to applications in vehicle chassis than wheel bearings.
  • Moly EP Grease – Moly EP stands for Molybdenum Disulfide Extreme Pressure. This is one of the most sought after type of greases for many application purposes. It works very well at extremely high temperatures and pressure and is also ideal for use with U-joints and ball joints.
  • Marine Wheel Bearing Grease – This special purpose lube is ideal for use in marine environments, where the harsh conditions tend to accelerate the corrosion of metal parts. It is highly recommended for boat trailer wheel bearings. It comes with lots of additives put there specifically to enhance water resistance. It can also be used for purposes other than lubricating ball bearings, such a lubricating winches and anchor chains.

What are the Benefits of Greasing Boat Trailer Wheel Bearings?

There are definitely benefits to applying the right grease to your boat trailer’s wheel bearings. Your wheels rotate better with virtually no friction for starters. The grease also helps them to better support the weight of the boat, which is important. 

boat trailer in the water
Boat trailer in the water

Another thing which the right grease does for the ball bearings is that it provides a seal for them, which keeps water and other pollutants out. If there is no grease, not only would there be friction, which is bad enough, but there would also be an opportunity for water and other potentially harmful substances to find their way to the ball bearings, causing them wear and tear even quicker.

One sign that your boat trailer’s wheel bearings aren’t properly sealed is that they make a rather annoying sound when they turn. If you don’t act soon to lubricate them, your wheels could potentially come away from the boat trailer, which can be a very dangerous thing.

Even if this extreme event does not occur, non lubricated ball bearings allow the wheels on the boat trailer to spin too fast, generating excess friction, which can damage the tires and other components of the hub assembly.

What Should You be Looking for When Buying Grease?

There are quite a few questions to ask yourself when you’re out shopping for grease for your boat trailer’s bearings:

  • Is it great at enduring high temperatures?
    You can check the canister or other packaging that your grease is supplied in to check what its acceptable temperature range is. If you go higher than the accepted temperature range, your grease will lose its structure and begin to disintegrate, making it practically useless for its intended purpose. The temperatures on the wheels of a boat trailer can be really high, considering the weight of the loads they have to deal with, so it’s a good idea to get grease that has a fairly broad operating range in terms of temperature.
  • Can it endure extreme pressure?
    This is directly related to the temperature point above. You want grease that can handle extreme pressure due to the weight of the load the wheel bearings it is lubricating have to deal with. You can check the maximum pressure limit on the packaging or contact the manufacturer to find out. Go for as high a pressure limit as you can get.
  • Is it waterproof?
    This is almost a no-brainer when shopping for grease for wheel bearings on a trailer that is carrying a marine vehicle, such as a boat. The grease’s ability to resist water shows that it will properly shield and protect the wheel bearings against penetration by moisture or flowing water.
    The waterproof nature of grease is usually a function of its oil content. So grease with high oil content tends to be waterproof. Moreover, it’s important to have waterproof grease if your trailer operates in a saltwater environment.
    This is so that the grease can protect the metal components of the boat trailer from corrosion due to exposure to the saltwater. As a result, it drastically improves the durability of your boat trailer and extends its lifespan.
  • What is its viscosity?
    As mentioned above, grease comes in a wide range of viscosities, ranging from a runny 0 to a firm cheese 6. The best grease for wheel bearings should have a viscosity rating of 2, which gives it the consistency of peanut butter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Boat Trailer Bearings Grease Brands?

If you’re looking to get the best options when it comes to boat trailer bearings, then one way to increase your chances of getting quality is to go for recognized brands with a good reputation. 

There are certainly lots of options on the market to choose from, so it’s a good idea to narrow those options down. The following brands happen to be the most popular on the market:
– Quicksilver
– Triax
– Plews & Edelmann
– Timken

While you might find that the products from these brands are a little pricier than those from others, they are of the best quality and are guaranteed to do their job well.

Should I Use Regular or Marine Grease for Boat Trailer Bearings?

You should use marine grease. Marine grease has been designed to withstand the wet conditions of a marine environment, including salty water. It protects the metal bearings and other parts of your boat trailer wheels by sealing them in to prevent corrosion.

There are some general purpose grease products that have been marked suitable for use in all situations, including marine. However, without a clear indication that a general purpose grease can also be used in marine environments, you are safer going for those that have been clearly marked for use in marine environments.

How Do You Put Grease on Boat Trailer Bearings?

The process is fairly simple, though it is important that you know what you’re doing to execute it well. If you’re not sure about your ability to carry out the steps, consider taking your boat trailer to a professional to have the grease application done for you.

– Start by securing the vessel on a jack.
– Tidy the races and hub with white spirit, making sure to hold the races away from each other. You should have a socket on hand to use as a pusher, which you can then lengthen by gently tapping on it with a large hammer. The race will begin to come out.
– Now tidy all the bearings with white spirit. Do not lubricate the breaks, whatever you do. Check the bearings for any signs of wear and tear. If they are worn, then they definitely need to be replaced.
– Embed the new lube seal so it covers the bearings all the way round. Once you’re done, tap it gently into place.
– Now reassemble your bearings and hub. You can then push the hub back onto its axle. If the lube has a tendency to stick, gently tap it with a hammer to coerce it into place.

How Often Should I Grease My Boat Trailer Bearings?

The short answer is as regularly as you can. The long answer mainly addresses the “… as you can” part of the short answer. How often you should grease your boat trailer bearings depends on a variety of factors, including the type of trailer, the average load weight it has to bear, and even the size of the wheel. Many manufacturers will recommend that you check and lubricate the wheels on our boat trailer at least every 10,000 miles.

For small wheels, you might have to do that more frequently, such as once every 2,000 miles. The general rule of thumb here is that the smaller the tire, the faster your trailer is going on average, the more stress it has to bear, and the more frequently you need to grease things. 

What About Warranty?

When it comes to warranty, you want to first go over the product description of the specific grease you’re interested in, whether you’re shopping online or in a physical store. Look for a warranty, which gives you peace of mind, knowing that the manufacturer has your wellbeing in mind.

The good news is that most manufacturers of grease for boat trailer wheels offer some kind of warranty on their products. This can be for a few years. Generally speaking, the longer the warranty, the better. But also, don’t base your purchase decisions on the warranty alone. Look at the other factors mentioned in this review. If the price seems too high, even when you take the warranty into consideration, you can go for something with a slightly shorter warranty for the savings.

Best Grease for Boat Trailer Bearings – Conclusion

And with that, we come to the end of our review of the best grease for boat trailer wheel bearings. As you can see, there are plenty of options on the market. You just have to pick the one that works best for you.

What’s most important is that you get your boat trailer’s wheel bearings greased regularly for a smooth boating experience.

Happy sailing and keep reading our blog!


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