Sunrise Shore Marina

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Sunrise Shore Marina

P.O. Box 379


B0K 1V0,Nova Scotia

(902) 657-1058

(902) 657-0294


At our facilities, there is ample berthing available, whether you’re just passing through or would like to stay awhile in one of our brand new, full-equipped, two bedroom oceanfront cottages.

Our marina offers safe harbor for visiting vessels. Our waters are considered the warmest north of the Carolinas.


Sunrise Shore Marina is located in the Barrachois Harbour.
You can find us by driving the beautiful Sunrise Trail, Highway 6,
that borders the north shore of Nova Scotia.
We are 5-10 minutes east of Tatamagouche on the Brule Shore Road.
If you are coming by boat our waypoints are N 45° 43′ 97″ W 063° 15′ 85″

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