Roosevelt Lake Marina

Roosevelt Lake Marina example2Roosevelt Lake Marina. Roosevelt marinas.

Roosevelt Lake Marina

PO Box 458 Hwy 188


AZ 85545,Arizona




Benefits for Members:

* Private restrooms and shower areas
* Discounts on boat rentals
* Discounts on overnight slip rentals
* Admittance to members-only parties
* Boats for sale listings
* Charge privileges with no finance charges as long as all balances are paid by the first of the month. No need to carry cash in your swimming trunks!

Think you have everything? Why not stop by our Marina Store and see what we have to offer, nothing is worse than forgetting what you need the most. We have items from beer and bottled water to soda, sandwiches to ice cream snacks and boating supplies to fishing gear. We even have batteries and live bait! Our Marina Store has everything you will need for your day out in the sun.


– Coming from Downtown Phoenix, Central Mesa, and Scottsdale: Take the 4 – lane Beeline Highway to 188 South to the Marina

– Coming from East Mesa and Tucson: Take 60 East to Globe, then Highway 88 North to the Marina

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