Long Beach Marine

Long Beach Marine Long Beach Marine. Long Beach marinas.

Long Beach Marine

6400 Marina Drive

Long Beach

CA 90803,California




Long Beach Marine, Inc. offers full service and installation of all your electronic navigational and communication system. Working with you to make certain your equipment is installed correctly, functions as an integrated system and is placed in your boat to enhance convenience and appearance. Our customers have no need to worry about the proper couplers, cables or antennas. Long Beach Marine puts it all together for you.

For more information about prices, facilities and more, just send us an email:

* General Information: kevin@longbeachmarine.com
* Sales: sales@longbeachmarine.com
* Customer Support: support@longbeachmarine.com


Long Beach Marine is locatead in Long Beach, California.

More information: https://www.longbeachmarine.com

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