Lido Yacht Anchorage

Lido Yacht Anchorage Lido Yacht Anchorage. Newport Beach marinas.

Lido Yacht Anchorage

101 Shipyard Way, Suite G

Newport Beach

CA 92663,California

(949) 673-9330

(949) 673-1338


Amenities and services include:
* 251 slips to 135’
* Clean restroom, showers and laundry
* Electrical, telephone and water hook-ups
* Cable television available
* Pump-out station
* Professional and helpful full-time staff
* Secure dock boxes with integrated lighting
* Ample free parking
* 24-hour emergency call-in service
* Walking distance to theaters, restaurants, grocery stores and boutique shopping

At BellPort, we believe that a marina should be about the boating lifestyle rather than about the slip space. We pride ourselves on providing boaters with comprehensive services and excellent amenities to make the finest guest experience available. We instill in our employees a passion to give BellPort marinas that distinguishing edge that defines a luxury boating experience.


This exclusive yacht anchorage is conveniently located on Lido Peninsula and accommodates the largest vessels in Newport Harbor.

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