Pier 38 Maritime Recreation Center

Pier 38 Maritime Recreation Center example2Pier 38 Maritime Recreation Center. San Francisco marinas.

Pier 38 Maritime Recreation Center

The Embarcadero, San Francisco

San Francisco

CA 94107,California




PIER 38 has guest berthing available for boats of all sizes. Large yachts (350 feet and larger) have enjoyed our deep-water harbor. We are a developing facility with limited amenities, but a full-service attitude!

Other facilities:

– Detailing
– Wash and flod laundry
– Internet Access
– Fax and Mail hold

example2PIER 38 is developing slips from 50′ to 350′, next to SBC Park. To find out how to get on our waiting list send us an email with your contact info and comments or just call us.


PIER 38 is located 1/2 mile South of the Oakland Bay Bridge, 1/2 block North of the intersection of Townsend and The Embarcadero.

The new SBC Park Baseball Stadium is 1 block to the South.

Please note that PIER 38 is NOT near Pier 39.

More information: https://www.pier38.com

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