International Yachting Center

International Yachting Center example2International Yachting Center. Columbia marinas.

International Yachting Center

175 Ramp Road


NC 27925,North Carolina

(252) 796-4774


Pumpout, Showers, Fuel, Transient Docks, Ice, Restaurant/Bar, Transporation, Launch Ramps, Water, Reservations, Marine Supplies, Shore Power, Overnight Parking

We are your best source for pre-owned “Camanos”. Our experience and knowledge is unmatched.

A “Camano” is kind of trawler cruise speeds on just sips of fuel.


Inter-Yacht is located on the Scuppernong river along the southern shore of the Albemarle sound. Meandering north-east across the western part of the Albemarle-Pamlico peninsula, the Scuppernong slowly drains a large portion of the wetlands in this region.

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