Strong’s Marine

Strong’s Marine Strong’s Marine. Flanders marinas.

Strong’s Marine

1110 Flanders Rd (Rt 24)


NY 11901,New York

(631) 727-1028

(631) 727-7431


Directions By Sea
Strong’s Marine is at the mouth of James Creek, due north of the Shinnecock Canal and 2.5 miles west of Robin’s Island. G.P.S. and Loran coordinates are 40º 57.147’N – 72º 31.409’W. Strong’s monitors channel. 68.

Strong’s Marine in Flanders is at the entrance to Reeves Bay in the western portion of Great Peconic Bay, 2.0 miles west of Red Cedar Point. GPS coordinates are 40 (degrees) 54′ 21″N, 72 (degrees) 37′ 31″W.

Strong’s Marine on water Marina in Southampton is at the northern headwaters of North Sea Harbor, 1.5 miles east of Robins Island. GPS coordinates are 40 (degrees) 57′ 0″N, 72 (degrees) 25′ 0″W.

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