Port Kinsale Marina

Port Kinsale Marina Port Kinsale Marina. Kinsale marinas.

Port Kinsale Marina

347 Allen Point Ln. – P.O. Box 280


VA 22488,Virginia




* 112 deep water slips in a well protected harbor
* 89 octane gasoline, diesel fuel and propane
* Ship’s Store with marine supplies, ice and groceries
* Modern bathhouses
* 30/50 amp electrical service
* Full service Boat Yard with 30 ton open ended travel lift, mast crane and large stowage facilities.
* Fully equipped Carpentry, Maintenance and Repair Shop
o Mechanical, electrical and hull repair
o Painting and refinishing services
* Transients and club cruises are welcome
* Camping

Here at Port Kinsale we are committed to your overall comfort and satisfaction. We understand that your time at the rivah is special and should be as relaxing and stress free as possible.

With our new & improved Ship’s Store we’re trying to make life a little easier. Never again will you have to worry about making a trip into town to search for that one item you forgot to pick up because we’ve probably got it in stock. Located just steps from your boat or camper we’ve got all your vacation needs covered.


Port Kinsale is a full service marina and resort located on the western branch of the beautiful Yeocomico River, just one mile from the Potomac River and twelve miles from the Chesapeake Bay.

More information: https://www.portkinsale.com

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