John Wayne Marina

John Wayne Marina example2John Wayne Marina. Sequim marinas.

John Wayne Marina

2577 West Sequim Bay Road


WA 98382,Washington

(360) 417-3440

(360) 417-3442


example2* Restrooms
* Showers
* Laundry
* Public meeting room and kitchen
* Marine supply store: Bosun’s Locker
* Boat rentals
* Yacht Club
* Charter boat service
* Park and beach access
* Boat launch

example2John Wayne Marina was constructed in 1985 on 22 acres of land donated by the John Wayne family. John Wayne frequented Sequim Bay waters aboard the family yacht – the “Wild Goose” – and prior to his death envisioned a marina in the scenic bay. Eventually, this vision became reality under the ownership and auspices of the Port of Port Angeles.


Located at Pitship Point (Longitude 123°02’18”W/Latitude 48°03’43”N) in Sequim Bay (approximately 18 miles east of Port Angeles), John Wayne Marina is easily accessible from Seattle, the San Juan Islands and Canada. Transient moorage is usually available for those who wish to boat up to Sequim Bay and enjoy the weekend.

Its location, plus its top-notch amenities, has made it a destination for boaters and non-boaters alike.

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