Whitbread 60 Blueprint

At desperatesailors.com, we love talking about boating records, unique boat designs, and sailing experiences in general. Today, we’re sharing some information on the Whitebread 60 Blueprint that we found when scouring the internet looking for some information on that one.

History of the Whitbread 60 Blueprint

Whitbread 60 Blueprint, formerly Intrum Justitia was built in 1992 for the 1993/4 Whitbread Around the World Race. Skippered by Lawrie Smith from the second leg onward, she finished 2nd and walked away with an impressive new world record, for the number of miles sailed by a monohull yacht in 24 hours – 428.7 miles!

Today she has a license, granted by the MCA (Maritime Coastguard Agency) to work commercially carrying up to 12 passengers up to 60 miles offshore – CAT 2 Coding.

The Whitbread Round the World Race, which became the Volvo Ocean Race in 2001 is the toughest Ocean Race, sending the fleet of super-fast boats with the prevailing winds around the Globe. The course is deliberately plotted through some of Earth’s most inhospitable environments, through massive ocean swells, iceberg and growler strewn Southern Ocean Seas, and screaming storms around the Capes on this 33,000 mile, 9-month challenge.

Sailing 24hours a day, the 12 person crews suffer for speed. Fresh food, mattresses, pillows, and any personal items are left on the dock, even toothbrushes are sawn in half to save weight.

The winning crew doesn’t get a cash prize, but they do get a trophy and perhaps sailing’s best bragging rights.

Whitbread 60 Blueprint Boat
Whitbread 60 Blueprint Boat

Key Information:

  • 95ft high mast
  • Max sail area 4488ft²
  • 3.7 metre keel
  • 64ft Kevlar hull

What is the difference between Whitbread 60 Blueprint and Clipper 60s Taeping and Serica?

Whitbread 60 Blueprint finished second in a professional round the world yacht race and Clipper 60s Taeping and Serica were participants in an amateur round the world race. Therefore the systems, design, and sail plan of W-60 Blueprint are more powerful and advanced than those on the Clipper 60s.
W-60 Blueprint also has a very open plan deck incorporating “coffee grinders” (the upright winching system most famously seen on America’s Cup Yachts), whereas the Clipper 60s have a cockpit you can sit in.

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