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Desperate Sailors

A gang of professional sailors, yacht charter lovers, sailors-to-be, amateur sailors – that’s us!

But, wait! There is no such thing as an amateur sailor. It just simply does not exist.

So, let us tell you why: you are at sea, even for a mere picnic on the water, to watch the sunset, to sail around for fun, and you just love every second of it, then you are a sailor.

It’s a state of mind and soul. This is what your heart loves, and it’s not about a single piece of paper to confirm how you feel and who you are at that very moment when stepping on a boat.

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All the amazing places and miles traveled around will create a unique log of your personal achievements and fun times. That’s inevitable if you are already on a boat. Miles will grow, salty winds will scrub your skin each time, giving it that famous softness of a newborn (legendary!), and your arms and hands will become made of steel and iron.

You are unstoppable and might even spot a couple of mating parrots from a few miles away (nautical miles, to clarify) and more wonders as you sail away. That’s how simple and yet impressive this is, so you better believe it! 

This is a sailing blog, and it’s all about inspiring folks to sail. 

Sailing is easy – that’s our message.

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The Beginning

Who Are We?

Most of us have started as computer geeks busy playing with software developments, internet technology, games creation, and other serious hi-tech stuff that was just coming into our worlds in big shoes and fast. We all met a couple of decades ago, and since the romance with seafaring slowly but steadily invaded our souls and minds…or maybe it was all there from the very beginning? 

For sure we found ourselves realizing that we created and produced more games about pirates and sailors and with a greater passion than all other products we have ever made as a bunch of creators. That says it all! 

Finally, we write this blog out of a passion for something we simply love. With no boss over our shoulders and no reporting lines or deadlines, we speak honestly about what inspires us most: the beauty and freedom of being on the boat. 

We hope this can help many get “From Zero To Hero” in sailing. 

Sailing is easy!

As long as humanity exists, it has always been sailing and traveling by the sea. All goes far longer than driving a car, hopping on a train, and we doubt that a horse was domesticated earlier than the first sail has ever been set. I bet you didn’t know there is an entire tribe in Indonesia living on the water.

Generations of them have always functioned on waters and never touched any land. Imagine that they’ve never heard about any horses, certainly never touched a car, and apparently can sail happily around the ocean with rafts.

Think about a billion sailors over the centuries of humankind’s history who got on a boat and just pulled it through. Simply, you cannot become one billion and one person on Earth who fails to learn how to sail. There is just no way, as you always have wind and waves to gently push you, a couple of ropes to pull, a rudder to direct, and there is no road-police to stop you.

Sailing grants you a sense of freedom, and it’s only natural for any human being to obtain independence. A sailboat is not a spaceship. She’s a passion and love, so all you need is to start, get on a boat, and do it.


Why This Blog?

When we started our journey to become sailors, we discovered dozens of “look at me” / “we know best” sailing blogs and another dozen of “buy my radar” sailing blogs. Yet no one really offered us simple answers to the most frustrating and pressing questions for free… so here we are. 

And yes, we still remember all the “horrors” of our first anchoring overnight, and we are still here to share with you how much we loved it and more – sail away with us! 😉

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