About Me


Hi, I’m Igor, Skipper of S/Y “The Hooker”.

I’m a Computer Science professional, MSc in Math, who gave up the career to set sail. Now I work from my boat; my age is 44.

A decade ago, I conquered my childhood dream: Navigation. To be a sailing skipper, own a sailing yacht, going anywhere on the globe anytime, breathing the air that Stevenson’s novels describe was what I wished for the most.

Eventually, I packed it as an exclusive sailing course, about 30 days being on a boat, a total 24×7! A beautiful adventure when I was 34.

captain Igor
the hooker wooden sailboat 30 feet vertical
the hooker wooden sailboat 30 feet horizontal

Yes, it knocked all dullness out of my urban life, even though I had felt my career “rat-run” very entertaining and growing on me as I thought before the moment I sailed alone on my own yacht as an RYA sailing skipper. But what I totally did not expect, it also kicked my urban-office life out of my life at all.

So, I quit my career. The truth: once you touch the sea, there’s no way back. This is a single reason why I’m here on this website to encourage others to do the same.

The Beginning

How My Sailing Saga Started

Once upon a summer hot, while I got sick of the work,
White as snow shining sail touched my mind and there stock’d,
“Why my heart does burn in a fire?” – was my poll.
A moment on, I made a stand at flight control,
Heading where I belonged.

Ah, distinctly, I remember it was the Mediterranean,
Where the salty scurvy master was, in fact, quadragenarian,
No cheap he offered matter, 7 grans a whole deed
For my phantasm, no shit,
My decision? – “I’m on it.”

Rope show, charts, and tacks, 30 days aboard, then sack.
Wishing wishes all mortals dare buy a boat – my next pick.
Charming, beautiful, and curvy,
Ocean-strong of Polish clan,
I’m Captain, she’s Flag–mán!


That was the beginning of my saga. I have put that Delphia 31 sailboat (built in Poland, “of Polish clan”) into charter and experienced all at once: being an owner, a skipper, and trying the romantics of a sail-related business.

That was fun. The Mediterranean is a “pool,” no tides, no big waves, winds are moderate, quasi-never a gale. Once you are there or around – why not pick a charter, a bareboat, or a sailing school.

My Boat

She is S/Y “The Hooker”

No, she is not a “bad word,” ha-ha, but a traditional Irish fishing sailboat model (Húicéir) echoing 200 years ago.

This one is a proud replica, mimicking the seaworthy shape of the original “hooker” and the authentic tar coating of her wooden hull, which is technically eternal: no touch, no damage, no re-coating over the last 40 years.

THE HOOKER boat the eye
the hooker sail boat at sea

She was built in 1979 in the Underfall Yard, Bristol, England, strong and absolutely charming.

Do I meet the same question in every port about her name? — Yes, I do ツ

BTW… find out why I keep saying ‘she.’

the hooker boat propeller
THE HOOKER igor boat detail 1
the hooker sailboat from 1979

At the Dry Dock…

hooker dry dock
hooker drydock 2
Dry docking THE HOOKER
THE HOOKER in dock 1

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