How Much Does A Boat Weigh

How Much Does A Boat Weigh?

How much does a boat weigh?

That’s a difficult question, because there are so many types of boats, in different shapes and sizes, with different purposes. 

You could be curious as to how much any boat weighs, or you may be curious if you will be able to tow a certain boat with your car or truck.

If you just bought a boat there can be no bigger concern than not being able to transport your new boat from where you bought it to your local docking station.

Today we will tell you how much boats tend to weigh on average, as well as the average weight of many types of boat.

How much do boats weigh on average?

A small aluminum fishing boat will often weigh about 400 lbs, whereas a 14ft cabin cruiser will weigh around 14,000 lbs.

A super yacht can weigh in excess of up to 100,000 lbs.

So as we said, there is no easy answer here, it really does depend on the specific type of boat. 

So, what does each type of boat typically weigh?

  • An aluminum fishing boat can weigh anywhere from 300 lbs to 500 lbs. This is one of the most lightweight options. 
  • A bow rider boat will often weigh around 3,000 lbs to 3,500 lbs. 
  • A cabin cruiser is one of the heaviest options weighing in at 12,000 lbs to 16,000 lbs. 
  • A cuddy cabin will weigh anywhere from 3000 lbs to 5,000 lbs.
  • Deck boats tend to weigh 3,000 lbs to 5,000 lbs, much like cuddy cabins do. 
  • Fiberglass fishing boats are a bit heavier than aluminum fishing boats, weighing in between 1,500 lbs, and 2,500 lbs. 
  • Pontoon boats are like deck boats and cuddy cabins, weighing anywhere from 3,000 lbs to 5,000 lbs. 
  • Then, a 14ft to 20ft sailboat can weigh anywhere from 400 lbs to 800 lbs. But surprisingly a sailboat that is 20ft to 30ft can weigh anywhere from 4,000 lbs to 8,000 lbs. 
  • A skiff can weigh 300 lbs to 900 lbs. 
  • Lastly, a wake boat much like a deck boat, or cuddy cabin can weigh 3,000 lbs to 5,000 lbs. 

How much do different boats weigh?

So, we have looked at some weights of various different boats, but what do all boats generally weigh?

You will need to know how much your specific type of boat weighs, if you intend on transporting it. 

Bass Boats 

A bass boat is traditionally used for freshwater fishing, these boats tend to have a weight around 1,700 lbs. 


Nothing is quite as good as zipping around at high speeds on the open ocean, a speedboat is often much heavier than any other boats, this is due to its powerful engine and a very durable body.

These boats tend to weigh around 8,000lbs.

So they are a bit harder to transport with a normal vehicle. 

Sailboats and Dinghies

These boats are generally small boats, often used for the transportation of passengers from the shore line to a much bigger ship.

These are also used as lifeboats on bigger ships.

They can be used for leisure, however these are their most traditional uses.

These boats tend to weigh around 1,700 lbs, give or take. 

Wake Board, or Ski Boat

These are popular water sport boats, although they are also used for leisure and fun, they are popular in water sporting events.

They are ideal for water-skiing and waterboarding.

However, they do weigh more than you’d expect at an average of 3,500 lbs. 

Deck Boats

Deck boats have a lot of open deck, as their name suggests.

They are often recreational boats, made for relaxing and leisure.

These boats tend to weigh around 3,100 lbs, or there about. 


We all know what a lifeboat is, and they are so important how could we leave them out of our list.

They are an important part of seafaring, and save countless lives every year.

They may not look heavy, but they usually weigh around 3,500 lbs. 

Convertible Fishing Boats

The best choice for fishermen, a real king of the castle when it comes to a fishing boat.

These have a large fishing deck with berths, cabins and galleys.

So, as you may imagine, these boats weigh one hell of a lot. Their average weight is 47,000 lbs. 

Catamaran Boats

These boats are an interesting thing to look at, they look like your traditional sail boat with a powerful engine, but they are also multi-hulled.

They are traditionally used for recreation, however they do have many uses.

A small catamaran will weigh around 1,500 lbs, whereas a bigger catamaran will weigh around 4,000 lbs. 

Center Console Boats

There are many types of fishing boats, and this is one.

The helm of the boat is on a console in the center of the boat and this is where they got their name from.

The average weight of a center console boat is around 5,000 lbs to 6,300 lbs. 

Trawler Boats

Trawlers have fuel efficient engines and a displacement hull, they are often used for long range cruising, and depending on their size their weight will vary, but it averages at around 26,000 lbs. 


Used for water sports and recreation, newer kayaks differ from traditional kayaks, and they often weigh anywhere from 20 lbs to 80 lbs. 


Boats have varying weights from 20lbs to 100,000 lbs depending on how big the boat is, what it is for and how it is made.

Before you buy a boat it is a good idea to find out the towing capacity of your vehicle in the event you have to move your boat.

If you intend on taking up fishing, chances are you will not need to transport your boat, which is good as these boats are heavy.

However, if you seek a recreational boat, many of these are lighter, and you may be able to transport it around if your vehicle can take the weight.


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